& how we harness it

Creativity is like a good fragrance: a harmonious composition of different ingredients. A perfect mix of intuition and ability. A sophisticated interplay of art and science.

With us, creativity is no accident. We give it space and nourishment and appreciate the fruitful exchange with our customers. For fragrance concepts in line with the market that do not just meet your expectations, but exceed them.

Product development

Creativity is not a coincidence. Creativity needs space in which to develop. It needs nourishment to be kept alive. It needs exchange so that it leads to success.

We provide our perfumers with this space. Our marketing team supplies the nourishment in the form of data, trends and information that act as both an inspiration and a guide. We walk the path to success together with our customers: by means of permanent exchange in the creative process.

This way, ideas, strategies and visions arise, which we then implement in market-driven fragrance concepts. For fine fragrances, personal care and oral care, for home care and air care. Solutions that meet consumer needs. Fragrances that not only meet expectations, but exceed them.

The scent conveys
the properties of the product

Concept development

If it smells good, the customer will buy it. A conviction as old as mankind: if a cleaner smells fresh, the spring clean will be a success; if the body lotion smells delicate and flowery, it will ensure silky-soft skin.

The scent conveys the properties of the product. This is true all over the world. However, what smells fresh for one person feels heavy for another.

We know what your consumers want. Because we analyse the competitive environment in your target markets. Because we closely monitor the developments in our industry. And because we find out what the people in your target region really like.

Ask us questions. Hear our answers. Let’s work together to design a product whose fragrance delivers on what it promises.

Trendletter #21

We are increasingly cherishing our homes as the centre of our lives, as places that are astonishingly versatile. For many people, the corona pandemic was the first time they experienced the benefits of both working and spending leisure time in one’s own four walls – discovering that this new sense of home enriched their lives. Düllberg Konzentra picks up on this trend with four floor cleaning fragrance concepts that transform homes into places of wellbeing for all the senses.

Trendletter #20

Many people who live in big cities long for a deeper connection with nature. They dream of diving into a clear mountain lake, going forest bathing or running barefoot across a meadow in the morning dew. To meet this deep-seated and very fundamental need, Düllberg Konzentra has created four inspiring fragrance concepts with eight scents.

Trendletter #19

Self-fulfilment is the new status symbol of our age. Becoming oneself and presenting this self to the world are aspirational goals. Based on these insights, Düllberg Konzentra has developed five inspiring fragrance concepts.

Trendletter #18

“You only live once”: This credo resonated particularly with millennials during the pandemic – and has motivated many of them to break free and start something completely new. Discarding the ballast of the past and experiencing a new lightness are the trends that have inspired the fragrance house Düllberg Konzentra to develop its latest trend concept, called “Transparency”.

Trendletter #17

The new longing for touch. As social distancing remains the order of the day, our longing for physical contact and warmth grows. It is time for a new, multisensory sensuality says fragrance house Düllberg Konzentra – and provides the inspiration to satisfy our hunger for the touch of skin.

Trendletter #16

Memories that mean the world. Souvenirs can narrate stories from the past – or conjure up visions of the future. Düllberg Konzentra’s new trend concept aims to do both simultaneously. “Feel the World” sparks sensual mind movies for all those who feel the lure of far-away places – even when travel is impossible.

Trendletter #15

Everyone’s talking about the Metaverse, the ideal world in which biodiversity, diversity and creativity flourish. So can it also provide inspiration for sensual, fragrant moments of joy in real life? Happy Eden, a brand new trend concept by Düllberg Konzentra, aims to prove that it most certainly can.

Trendletter #14

Retro can be defined as creating something new that satisfies a yearning for the past. For summer 2022, the Hamburg fragrance house Düllberg Konzentra has come up with an idea that is set to strike a chord. The concept ‘Stop | Play’ takes today’s digital youngsters off on a journey back in time to the analogue Eighties.

Trendletter #13

Don’t we all have an animal inside us? With the new concept “Animalic”, the Hamburg-based fragrance house Düllberg Konzentra has designed a range specifically aimed at men. The new fragrances are certain to fire up those hidden instincts we all have – and revitalise the post-lockdown market.

Trendletter #12

The alchemists were an ambitious bunch, aiming to turn base metals into gold and silver or make a panacea that could heal any illness. Although they didn’t succeed, alchemy has never lost its great appeal and fascination. An aura of mystery cloaks the word – and, if Düllberg Konzentra has anything to do with it, will soon also surround consumers.

Trendletter #11

For a brief moment, just forget the present with all its uncertainties and questions, helplessness and that feeling of being tied down. Try to look a little further: imagine a carefree, vibrant future, where technology and nature boldly join forces, and where the senses ex- plode in a burst of pure joy. Welcome to Future Mania, the new trend concept by Düllberg Konzentra for Autumn/Winter 2021.

Trendletter #10

Treating yourself to a short break from everyday life can be balm for the soul. Some book an appointment at the hairdresser, the beauty salon or a barber shop, others enjoy a personal spa at home. Perfume house Düllberg Konzentra highlights some skincare concepts that help to set the scene for me time.

Trendletter #9

Sustainability is a massive trend, and there are few areas where it hasn’t popped up, including marketing and product communication. Fragrance house Düllberg Konzentra shows how to approach the topic with humour and irony.

Trendletter #8

Today’s women are acknowledging their sexuality and lust more actively and boldly than ever. At the same time, sensuality has gained new facets and now encompasses all the five senses. We take a look at a wonderfully shameless target group.

Trendletter #7

Forest bathing, forest events, magazines devoted to forests and a forest academy. You’ve probably guessed it: forests are hot property right now! But it’s not all about a trendy lifestyle: at the root of the new interest in woods lies deep-seated human needs – plus hard science that underscores the importance of the sense of smell.

Trendletter #6

The Arctic, the region north of the polar circle, is an area of many facets. It’s a place where temperatures can drop as low as minus 70° C and winds blast across the vast expanses of tundra and polar deserts; where the winter nights are eternally dark and the days never end in sum- mer. But a new lifestyle trend? Let us explain…

Trendletter #5

Green like leaves and brown like mother earth’s soil – these are the colours most of us associate with “organic”. But does it have to be that way?

Trendletter #4

There’s a waft of the dangerous, the forbidden about this plant, and yet hemp is the ingredient that everyone’s talking about right now. So what’s the hype about? What does this plant have that others don’t?

Trendletter #3

Hygge – there are few other words that manage to convey such a deep sense of conviviality and cosiness. Read on to find out more about the lifestyle that is no longer the sole preserve of those happy Scandinavians.

Trendletter #2

A longing for natural ingredients, ethical luxury and sustainable consumption – these are the key trends on the beauty and fragrance market. It takes a special kind of expertise to preserve naturalness in these products.

Trendletter #1

Cuba – an exotic dream destination, an island sparkling with energy and Caribbean verve. Just like this incomparable place, the latest fragrance compositions tell their very own stories.