Our products
& what makes them so special

Our many perfume oils, essential oils and aromatic substances follow a single maxim: to offer the highest standard of product long term.

This is achieved by selecting the right raw materials, through our technical equipment, and thanks to our expertise in the various pharmaceutical, food and fragrance markets.

But, most of all, it’s because we don’t leave anything to chance.


From analysis and development to filling, we test, monitor and control every step in the process in our own laboratories. We process the raw materials in our own distillation and rectification facilities. We ensure standardisation at the highest level – physically, chemically and in terms of the sensory properties.

That is what is special about our products: not their diversity, but their uniformity. In quality that we can be proud of.

Perfume oils

What makes a product distinctive? Its effect, its consistency, its packaging. And above all: the right fragrance.

We create this fragrance for your products. For perfume, deodorant or face cream. For shower gel or sun screen. For laundry care products or toothpaste.

Essential oils

Essential oils are natural. Essential oils are versatile. Essential oils are good for body and soul.

Essential oils are at the core of our business. This is because they are indispensable not only for us, but also for many cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

Aroma Chemicals

Our portfolio includes a large selection of high-quality odorants.

For every need and every product. Take a look at our large portfolio.