Perfume Oils

What makes a product distinctive? Its effect, its consistency, its packaging. And above all: the right fragrance.

We create this fragrance for your products. For perfume, deodorant or face cream. For shower gel or sun screen. For laundry or toothpaste.

You have the idea, we give it shape. With carefully selected raw materials. With application and stability tests. With our knowledge of regional consumer preferences. And with our knowledge of regulatory requirements worldwide.

Fine Fragrance

Why do we love beautiful fragrances? Because every fragrance makes a statement. Because it arouses emotions. Because it shows who we want to be and who we are.

Premium brand fragrances
Luxurious, sensual and elegant: we create sophisticated compositions with character for the premier class of modern perfumery. Fragrances that have what it takes to become classics.

Lifestyle fragrances
Trendy, current, and contemporary: our lifestyle fragrances reflect socio-cultural influences and the rapid changes in the market.

Bazaar oils and oud
Exotic, sensual and upscale: with these fragrances, we pay tribute to the perfume culture of the Orient. We combine Arabic traditions with state-of-the-art technology. And use our finest odorants made from rose, jasmine, myrrh, patchouli, sandalwood, frankincense, and oud.

Personal Care

When do we feel good? When we give our body the care it needs. And when a fresh scent surrounds us, like a part of our personality.

Hair care
Our perfume oils are precisely suited to the technical and functional properties of your applications. For shampoos, conditioners, mousse, hair colour, and cold waves.

Body care
Cleanliness for all the senses. Our fragrances enhance the effect of wash lotions, shower gels, body scrubs, and solid and liquid soaps.

Skin care
What touches the skin touches the soul. We perfume body lotions, skin oils, hand and face creams, shaving products, sun protection, after-sun and decorative cosmetics.

In this technically demanding category, we offer the best expertise in terms of stability and compatibility. For perfume deodorants, anti-perspirants, aerosols and dry sticks.

Baby and child care
Baby care is a matter of trust. Our compositions are tailored to the special needs of babies and toddlers. So that not only babies – but also parents – feel comfortable in their skin.

Home Care

What makes a house a home? A bathroom that smells of the sea. A laundry fragrance that awakens childhood memories. A room scent that gives us peace.

Surface cleaning
What makes something clean ought to smell clean. We perfume all-purpose cleaners, floor cleaners, bathroom and sanitary cleaners, window cleaners and polishes.

Textile care
Cleanliness that you can smell. We compose fragrances for fabric softeners, washing powders, dryer sheets and special textile care products.

Room fragrances
Four walls, one scent. We develop perfumes for candles and air fresheners of all kinds – as aerosol, gel or liquid products.


Our portfolio includes a large number of industrial fragrances. You can then use these industrial fragrances – tailored to your technical requirements – in your individual products.

They therefore include fragrances for various purposes, such as papers, textiles, paints, adhesives and plastics, as well as technically highly sophisticated and unique products.

Adding a fragrance to an industrial product is a difficult and demanding task, but gives your products that desired uniqueness and distinctiveness.