On quality and how we achieve it

Anyone aiming to supply top quality every time is posing themselves a tough challenge. Yet it’s still simple enough to achieve if you bear in mind that quality produces quality. That’s why we set ourselves the highest standards in all of our company’s business units: research and development, analytics and sensory technology, manufacturing and processing.


The analytic unit is the mainstay of our company.

It is responsible for ensuring the quality of all of our raw materials and products. It also acts as an interface between the various stages of production: product development, inspection of incoming goods, quality management and documentation.

Our analytic unit is supported by two important pillars: namely, state-of-the-art technology and a highly qualified team of staff. Both produce exactly reproducible analyses, thus ensuring the consistently high quality of our products.

But the star of our analytic unit is enantioselective gas chromatography, which we use to inspect all raw materials and finished products. This highly sensitive method of analysis can detect even the minutest quantities of a substance. Used in combination with mass spectrometry, it can identify the exact structure of each individual component contained in a product.

Quality management

Only the highest standards result in the highest quality.

That’s why we document every single step of the way in our production process. The result: consistently high, precisely defined quality for each individual product.

We even include our suppliers and distribution partners in our quality management system. We also define, evaluate and audit specific requirements and hold training seminars to ensure a consistently high standard of quality.

What’s more, we measure our performance by these standards and conduct regular internal audits and reviews in order to evaluate and improve the efficiency of our system. Every step in the production and inspection process is recorded in our database. The path of every product, all the way from the raw material supplier to the customer, is fully – 100% – traceable.

That’s why we produce not just top quality, but consistently top quality – without compromise.