Our products an what makes them special

Our 2500 essential oils and fragrances follow a single maxim: to satisfy the highest standards of quality consistently.

We achieve this with our careful selection of the appropriate raw materials, our technical equipment and our expertise in a variety of markets, including pharmaceuticals, food and fragrances. 

However, the key to our success is that we leave nothing to chance. From analysis to final filling, we test, supervise and monitor every stage of the process at our own laboratories. We process the raw materials at our own distillation and rectification unit. We ensure maximum standardisation of all aspects: physical, chemical and sensory.

And that is what makes our products special – not their variety, but their uniformity. And above all, their quality; quality we can be proud of.


What makes a product unmistakeable? Its effect, its consistency, its packaging, and above all, its scent.

We create the ideal scent for your products – for perfumes, deodorants and face creams, for shower gels and sunscreens, for cleansers, toners and toothpastes.

You have the idea, we lend it substance – with carefully selected raw materials; with application and stability tests; with our regional knowledge of consumer preferences and our global knowledge of applicable regulations.

Fine Fragrances

Why do we love beautiful fragrances? Because every fragrance is a statement in itself. Because it arouses emotions. Because it reveals who we want to be and who we are.

Premium Brand Fragrances
Luxurious, sensuous and elegant: we create sophisticated compositions with character for the “royal class” of modern perfumery. In other words, for fragrances that have what it takes to become a classic.

Lifestyle Fragrances
Trendy, modern, up-to-the-minute: our lifestyle fragrances reflect socio-cultural influences and the rapidly changing market.

Bazaar Oils & Oud
Exotic, sensuous and sophisticated: with these fragrances we pay tribute to the perfume culture of the Orient. We combine Arabian traditions with cutting-edge technology and use our finest fragrances, extracts of rose, jasmine, myrrh, patchouli, sandalwood, incense and oud.

Personal Care

When do we feel good? When we give our body the care it needs and craves. And when a fresh fragrance envelops us like a part of our personality.

Hair Care
Our perfume oils are perfectly suited to the technical and functional properties of your applications. Perfect for shampoo, conditioner, styling mousse, hair colour and cold wave products.

Body Care
A clean, fresh feeling for all the senses. Our fragrances reinforce the effect of wash lotions, shower gels, body scrubs and soaps, both solid and liquid.
Skin Care
What touches the skin, touches the soul. We perfume body lotions, skin oils, hand and face creams, toners, shaving products, sunscreen and after sun, as well as decorative cosmetic products.

Deodorants / Antiperspirants
We offer you the benefit of our extensive know-how in this technically demanding category to help you bring maximum stability and compatibility to your products: perfume deodorants, antiperspirants, aerosols and dry sticks.

Baby Care
Baby care is a question of trust. Our compositions are tailored to the special needs of infants and young children. So that babies and parents both feel comfortable in their own skin.

Home Care

What makes a house a home? A bathroom that smells of the sea. A detergent scent that brings back memories of childhood. An air freshener that creates an atmosphere of calm.

Surface Cleaning
Something that cleans should also smell clean. We perfume all-purpose cleaners, floor cleaners, bathroom and toilet cleaners, window cleaning products and polishes.

Textile Care
Cleanliness you can smell. We compose fragrances for fabric conditioners, washing powders, dryer sheets and special textile care products.

Air Fresheners
Four walls, one scent. We develop perfumes for candles and a wide range of air fresheners, including aerosols, gels and liquids.

Aroma chemicals

Our portfolio includes a wide selection of high-quality aroma molecules. For every need and every product. Click here for an overview.

Essential oils

Essential oils are natural. Essential oils are versatile. Essential oils are good for body and soul.

Essential oils are our core business because they are not only essential for us, but also an indispensable ingredient in many cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

With our range of several hundred essential oils, we meet every standard.

And we set standards, too – with our Natura® brand, for which we create perfume compositions using only essential oils in their natural state; essential oils from organically grown plants of exceptionally high quality and carrying the ECOCERT seal of approval.

An overview of our main oils is available for you here.


Are you manufacture of pharmaceutical products or food? Then quality assurance is your top priority – and you are ours.

We meet the highest standards of safety: in our premises, at our production site, in our production processes and hygiene measures.

Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products must rely on the purity of raw materials. Düllberg Konzentra is the only supplier of high quality and natural essential oils of the highest purity in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia, obtained under consideration of the GACP Guidelines, rectified in our qualified facilities according to the certified EU-GMP standards, secured by regular supplier audits with complete documentation and supported by validated processes.

Our quality management system complies with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines and guarantees the safety and quality of every product we manufacture or process.

On request, we manufacture all products in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines - both essential oils and compositions – for your capsules, cough syrups and suspensions, for your coatings and nutraceuticals.

Düllberg Konzentra.
Highest purity for essential oils.


Taste is not something we want to argue about – we just want to get it absolutely right.

And we do, thanks to our wide range of flavours for a variety of different applications: including sweets, pharmaceuticals and oral care products.

Producing flavours based on essential oils is what we do best.

Oral Care

Dentarom® is the brand name that stands for our expertise in oral and dental care. For a brilliant smile from the consumers – and a brilliant smile from you.

The essential oils in our oral care flavours make for a pleasant taste and, thanks to their antibacterial properties, for fresh breath. That’s why well-known manufacturers use our Dentarom® solutions in many of their oral and dental care products, such as toothpaste, mouthwashes and dental chewing gum.

Food flavours

We supply a wide range of essential oils and flavour compositions in approved food quality. On request, we manufacture our products in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.