Creativity and how we use it

Creativity is like a good perfume: a harmonious composition of different ingredients; a perfect blend of creative flair and skill; a sophisticated interplay of art and science.

When it comes to creativity, we leave nothing to chance. Instead, we give our creativity scope and nourishment, and maintain a fruitful dialogue with our customers – for market-oriented fragrance concepts that not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.

Market research

A good scent makes for good sales. The idea is as old as the human race itself: if the cleaner smells fresh, the spring clean will leave the home fresh; a body lotion with a delicate, floral fragrance is sure to leave skin feeling soft and silky.

The fragrance of a product communicates the product’s properties, that’s what people all over the world generally accept to be true. But what may smell fresh to one person can seem cloying to someone else. A perfume that evokes pure luxury for one person can be an affront to someone else’s nostrils.

We know what your consumers want because we analyse the competitive environment in your target markets; because we keep a close eye on developments in our own industry and because we find out what really pleases people in your target region.

Bring us your questions. Listen to our answers. Let us work side by side to develop a product that lives up to the promise of its fragrance.

Product development

Creativity isn’t a question of chance. Creativity needs scope for development. It needs nourishment to keep it alive. It needs dialogue to guide it to success.
We offer our perfumers that scope. Our marketing department supplies nourishment in the form of statistics, trends and information that provide inspiration and point the way. We work side by side with our customers on the path to success by maintaining a constant dialogue throughout the creative process.
From the ideas, strategies and visions which that creative process produces, we create market-oriented perfume concepts. For fine fragrances, personal care and oral care, home care and air care. For solutions that meet the needs of the consumer. For fragrances that not only meet expectations, but surpass them.


What’s all the rage today can be forgotten tomorrow. That’s why every trend is only as valuable as what you make of it. Identifying a trend early on and making the most of it is the first step to ensuring the success of your product.

We observe markets, consumers and trends with our eyes and ears wide open.

Our trend presentations bring you inspiration: for products that can set, revive or reflect trends; for products that satisfy needs.

So that fleeting trends become enduring products.

Cuba: Viva la vida!

Trendletter #01

Cuba – an exotic dream destination, an island sparkling with energy and Caribbean verve. Just like this incomparable place, the latest fragrance compositions tell their very own stories.

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